Sparkle Pigments

Sparkle Pigments are color dispersions that make composites twinkle.  When light shines on it, the effect is eye catching.  The shiny speckles appear like tiny pieces of precious metal or gems.

Sparkle Pigments are easy to use.  Recommended mixing is 10% of Sparkle Pigment on the weight of the polyester resin, polyester gelcoat, epoxy resin system (Part A + Part B) and urethane resin system (Part A + Part B).  Premix the Sparkle Pigments with the polyester resin or polyester gelcoat first and then add the catalyst.  In the case of epoxy or urethane resins first premix the Sparkle Pigments in Part A and then add Part B.  It’s very easy to use it to achieve some remarkable effects.

Epoxy sparkling floors – restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, hotel lobby, corporate lobby, cinema theaters, malls, retail showrooms.

Fiberglass moldings – consumer products like doors, bathtubs, helmets, trays, panels, sheets

Resin jewelry – artificial stones, beads, figurines


The choices below are actual photographs of samples made with Sparkle Pigments.  However, photographs do not capture the true sparkling beauty.  It has to be seen with the eye.  They are provided here only as an indicative guideline.

SP-3205 Gold Aurum Sparkle

SP-3210 Gold Karat Sparkle

SP-3405 Emerald Green Sparkle

SP-3410 Peridot Green Sparkle

SP-3810 Garnet Red Sparkle

SP-3815 Ruby Red Sparkle

SP-3820 Rhodonite Cuprum Sparkle