Fluorescent Emulsion Paints

Fluorescent Emulsion Paints are water based, which render a tenacious strong polymeric colored film on the substrate upon drying.  When light shines on the fluorescent pigments, all the visible and UV wavelengths are converted to a narrow range of the spectrum.  The color appears incredibly brighter to the eye.

These paints are used just like any other commercial paint and are easily applied with a roller or a brush.  To get the best out of our fluorescent paints, the surface should first be applied with a white base coat, such as our FEP-2102 White emulsion paint.  Once the base coat is dry, the fluorescent paint should be applied over it.  Two coats are recommended for the best results.  The coverage is about 30 to 40 grams/square feet.

Road safety – road marking, dividers, obstacles, markings in parking garages at apartments, malls and commercial buildings.

Buildings – low light areas and attention grabbers – shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs and hospitals.


At night, with a flash light, our fluorescent emulsion paints stand out and catch the eye.  They capture all available light and reflect them at a narrow band of wavelength, making colors brighter.  Fluorescent paints stand out!

At night, without a flash light, the wall looks dark and does not catch the eye.  The fluorescent paint is still visible, though faint.  But, with a little help from the light of the headlights of a car or other sources, they are brilliant.


Below are photographs of actual walls painted with our Fluorescent Emulsion Paints.  They were taken under natural daylight conditions.  Photographs do not capture the true intensity of the power of fluorescent paints.  It has to be seen with the eye.  They are provided here only as an indicative guideline.

FEP 2550 Lemon Yellow

FEP 2555 Golden Yellow

FEP 2805 Light Orange

FEP 2815 Sunset Pink

FEP 2820 Dark Orange