EzFloMix Pigments

This single colorant dispersion colors ALL three of the most important resin systems in the Composites and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) industry:

Polyester Resins
Epoxy Resins
Polyurethane Resins

Until now, composites manufacturers had to source separate Pigments for each of these resin systems.  However, the EzFloMix™ Kerox Universal Pigments solves this problem.

This innovative product offers incredible benefits  and imparts stunning and beautiful coloring to composite products:

Low Viscosity and Easy Flow
Easy Mixing with Resins
Dispersion Color Stability
High Coloring Coverage
Enhanced Gloss

EzFloMix™ – Kerox Universal Pigments is a practical effective colorant that meets the demand and requirements of the modern Composites and FRP manufacturing processes.

Fore detailed information on EzFloMix™ please visit our dedicated website www.kerox.org.

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