Colored Stucco

Colored Stucco  (CST) is similar to Colored Cement Plaster (CCP), except that the mix does not have any cement in it.  It is a water based polymeric blend with fillers.  CSU is formulated as a single component paste and is sold in pails.  It is ready to use straight out of the pail and is applied on the wall using a trowel or paint roller.

Single Component – No adding anything else, it is ready to apply

Hydrophobic – Polymers in the CST make the surface hydrophobic

Enhanced Flexural Strength – Greater elasticity due to polymer component

Easy to Apply – Trowel or paint brush application is quick and fast

Affordable – Cost works out at par with traditional cement plaster finishing

Unlimited Color Choice – Technically any color CST can be made

Application Method
CST is ready to use from the pails.  After opening the lid the contents should be re-blended using a hand power tool, prior to usage.

CST can be applied using a paint roller, to give various textures.  Rollers of different fiber types give different texture results.  CST can also be applied using trowels to create exotic textures, such as the Spanish or Skip Trowel finish, Float Trowel finish and so on.

CST mix coverage is about 150 to 200 g/sft (grams per square feet)

CST is available in pails of size 5 Kg, 25 Kg and 40 Kg, in a large color range.

There is no limitation to color choices, only market preference.  The photographs below have been taken during daylight and indicative examples of some finishes possible.

Roller – Antique Stucco Texture – Light Blue, Orange, Light Yellow

Trowel – Spanish or Skip Texture