Colored Cement Plaster

Colored Cement Plaster (CCP) is a new innovation and enables internal coloring of the cement plaster.  It is made by adding our Color Dispersion Additive (CDA) to cement and sand.  The plaster is applied with a trowel and finished using traditional techniques.  Paint primer and final two paint coats are not required.

Left three CCP walls (dark blue, reddish brown, mustard yellow) were made using grey cement, grey sand (m-sand) and CDA.  Right four CCP walls (orangish red, reddish brown, light blue and light yellow) were made using white cement, white sand and CDA.

Color Dispersion Additive
The CDA is the core of our technology.  It is a water based polymeric dispersion of inorganic and organic pigments.  It is added in a specific ratio to commercial cement and sand, mixed with makeup water to adjust for workability, and applied using trowels.

Pure colors can only be achieved by adding CDA to white cement and white sand.  The same CDA added to grey cement and grey sand (m-sand) or river sand will give a resultant color influenced by the grey.

Single Step Application – Colored Cement Plaster (CCP) renders color to the plaster upon application.  Painting is avoided and this saves time and money.

Hydrophobic Surface – CCP renders the surface hydrophobic.  Water does not stick to it and its beads up.  Rain water cannot seep into it.  Traditional cement plaster is porous, water enters it and reacts with it and forms byproducts.  These byproducts diffuse to the surface, leach out and cause whitish patches, a phenomena known as efflorescence.  Therefore, traditional cement plaster needs a coat of paint to protect it.

The CCP example on the right (reddish brown) is made using CDA.  The water drops bead up, showing that the surface is hydrophobic.  The example on the left is a cement plaster casting made using a pigment powder (yellow) and not CDA.  The surface is porous and water seeps in instantly.

Curing Not Required – CCP does not need water curing when applied, since it locks the required amount of water in place for the cementitious reaction.  Without water curing, traditional cement plastering will crack and fail, since water escapes when the plaster is applied, due to the porosity.

Variable Thickness – CCP can be applied to any thickness, from 2 mm to 10 mm.

Excellent Adhesion – CCP has excellent adhesion to surfaces.  The enhanced adhesion enables ease of workability using a variety of trowels and tools.  It is also sprayable using a plaster spraying machine.

Faster Construction – Traditional cement plastering is followed up with painting.  It adds to extra time and cost required to complete the building.  With CCP the project can be completed in one shot, saving time and money.

Affordable Cost – The cost of CCP is comparable to the cost of traditional cement plastering and painting.  In fact, it will be lower.

Colored Cement Plaster (CCP) is made by mixing commercial cement, sand, water and our Color Dispersion Additive (CDA) in a specific ratio.  The materials are mixed using a hand held power mixer or in a traditional cement mixer.  The mix is applied on the wall using trowels.  Different surface finishes can be achieved by using sand of specific particle sizes and finishing application techniques.  It is possible to achieve finishes from smooth to rough.  It is also possible to achieve attractive textured finishes.

CCP mix of 375 g/sft (grams per square fee) to 475 g/sft is required.  The variation is due to the size of the sand used and working consistency required.

CDA – The Color Dispersion Additive is the key component and it is available in a variety of packaging sizes (1 Kg, 25 Kg, 30 Kg, 200 Kg).

White Sand – Medium-Fine size (blend of 30 to 150 microns) and Fine size (blend of 75 microns and below) in 40 Kg bags.  Truckload delivery available.

Grey Sand – Medium-Fine size Plastering m-Sand of Promax Brand in 40 Kg bags (Zone III aggregates, IS: 383-1970, particles between 600 and 300 microns).  Truckload delivery available.

White Cement & Grey Cement – We have relationships with leading brands of Indian cement manufacturers.  Truckload delivery available.

The sand and cement components can be sourced from others as well.  However, the key component, CDA, can only be sourced from us.

The examples below of CCP wall plaster have been photographed in daylight conditions, with natural shadows.

CCP Mix – CDA + White Cement + White Sand+ Water
CDA choices for white cement and white sand mixes are truly unlimited.  A few  choices are showcased here.  A complete color palette is available.

CDA – Light Yellow

CDA – Earth Red

CDA – Light Blue

CDA – Earth Orange

CCP Mix – CDA + Grey Cement + Grey Sand+Water
CDA choices for grey cement and grey sand mixes are limited, since the grey of cement and sand influence the CDA colors.  A few representative choices are shown here.

CDA – Earth Yellow

CDA – Blue

CDA – Earth Red