Colored Cement Concrete

Colored Cement Concrete (CCC) is similar to Colored Cement Plaster (CCP).  The difference is that in CCC gravel is added as an additional component.  The CCP mix consists of cement, sand, gravel, water and CDA (color dispersion additive).  CDA is the main value addition we bring to the innovation.

It has all the benefits of CCP.  Among them, the biggest advantage is that it does not require additional water for curing and that it makes the entire CCC hydrophobic.  The polymer components in the CDC renders the CCC non-porous and hydrophobic.  This has the additional advantage that rain water or river/sea water cannot percolate through the concrete and attack the steel reinforcement.

Using CCC renders internal coloring to the concrete.  If the surface or parts of the concrete chip, the color still shows through.  It just makes concrete look more beautiful.

As of today, most pre-cast concrete in the market is grey in color.  Using CCC to make pre-cast concrete brings internal color to it.  It may just be the much needed driving force to make pre-cast concrete more main stream.

CCC is made by mixing cement, sand, gravel, CDA (Color Dispersion Additive) and makeup water in a specific ratio.  The sand and gravel need to be of specific size and quality.  Makeup water is added to only adjust workability.  All the materials are mixed in a traditional motorized cement mixer or for small quantities in a hand held power mixer.

CDA is the coloring component in the mix.  When using white cement and white sand in the mix, the CCC mixture takes up the color of the CDA.  There is no limitation to the color palette.

When grey cement and grey sand (m-sand) is used, the resultant color is influenced by the grey.  As such, the color palette in this case is limited.

The images here are photographed in daylight conditions.

CCC Mix – Using white cement and white sand

CCC Mix – Using grey cement and grey sand (m-sand)