Kerox was born in 1968 and it has been a journey for over 50 years.  Applied research and bringing products to the market has been a core strength of this brand.  Our color pigment dispersions are known globally to be the crème de la crème of colorants for composites.

Customers and markets constantly challenge us for new innovations.  In response, we launched the Kerox EzFloMix Universal Pigments in 2015.  It’s compatibility with three dominant resin systems, polyester/epoxy/urethane, made it hugely practical for customers.  Sparkle Pigments and Fluorescent Pigments are further new developments to enter the market.

Our in-house interest in emulsion technology and interfacial science drove the development of polymer emulsions and eventually to Fluorescent Emulsion Paints, primarily to cater to the transportation safety color market.

The epoxy market segment, especially flooring, drove the development of a packaged system to ensure reliable performance and affordability.

Our latest innovation is to color cement products – plastering and pre-cast concrete.  Builders will save on cost and time through the use of our technology for coloring cement products.


Dr. Prakash R. Kota
Dr. Prakash R. Kota
Managing Director & CEO

Mr. D.R. Mallesh
Director & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. K.V. Ramanath
Late Visionary Founder