Kerox products are used in two major market segments – Composites and Construction.  Our key focus is rendering color to composites and building materials.

Our pigment products have been used in the composite industry for over 50 years (since 1967).  The products morphed into EzFloMix Universal Pigments in 2015, making the pigment flowable and compatible with three major polymer systems – polyester resin, epoxy resin and urethane resins.

Kerox’s new innovations are genuinely exciting.

Innovation to market …

Innovation driven by customer needs:
Customers have frequently asked us for pigment dispersions that render a sparking or metallic effect to composites.  In response, our R&D team has developed and launched the Sparkle Pigments.  This product can be used with polyester resins, epoxy resins and urethane resins.  In the FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics) industry this will enable molders to manufacture exciting commercial products.  In the epoxy and polyurethane flooring segments, sparking floors can be a reality in restaurants, cafeterias, clubs, pubs, theaters, office lobbies and even homes.

Innovation for safety requirements:
Globally, the road safety departments mandate good visibility for drivers, especially at night.  Moreover, obstacles that seem innocuous during the day become an imminent danger to life.  In response, our R&D team has developed Fluorescent Emulsion Paints that are water based, which render a tenacious strong polymeric colored film on the substrate upon drying.  When light shines on the fluorescent pigments, all the visible and UV wavelengths are converted to a narrow range of the spectrum.  The color appears incredibly brighter to the eye.  These paints find use in road markings and dividers, obstacles on roads, delineated markings in parking garages, apartments and commercial spaces.

Innovation for reliability:
The epoxy flooring market is a melange of various raw materials from numerous suppliers.  We have recognized that coloring such varying systems can be problematic.  The end result is an unpredictable outcome – nonuniform coloration, leveling issues, delayed curing and stoichiometry challenges.  We have put together a package that works every time – epoxy resin, EzFloMix pigments and fillers.

Innovation for simplicity:
It is typical in modern construction, including high-rise buildings, to cement plaster the brick wall structure and then paint it with a primer followed with multiple coats of emulsion paints.  This takes time, labor and money.  We wanted a simpler and faster process to finish it.  This was a tricky problem to solve, but we have one that works!  The system consists of traditional plaster materials such as sand, cement and water, with the addition of a water based color dispersion.  Best of all, not only is the plaster through and through internally colored, but it simultaneously renders the plaster hydrophobic.  Plaster cracks and porosity is history.  The same system can also be used to internally color pre-cast concrete.    In addition, for those who want a western texture, we have a single system colored stucco product, which is quick and easy to apply using rollers and trowels.  These innovations are certainly a solution for the present times.



Kerox was born in 1968 and it has been a journey for over 50 years.  Applied research and bringing products to the market has been a core strength of this brand.  Our color pigment dispersions are known globally to be the crème de la crème of colorants for composites.

Customers and markets constantly challenge us for new innovations.  In response, we launched the Kerox EzFloMix Universal Pigments in 2015.  It’s compatibility with three dominant resin systems, polyester/epoxy/urethane, made it hugely practical for customers.  Sparkle Pigments and Fluorescent Pigments are further new developments to enter the market.

Our in-house interest in emulsion technology and interfacial science drove the development of polymer emulsions and eventually to Fluorescent Emulsion Paints, primarily to cater to the transportation safety color market.

The epoxy market segment, especially flooring, drove the development of a packaged system to ensure reliable performance and affordability.

Our latest innovation is to color cement products – plastering and pre-cast concrete.  Builders will save on cost and time through the use of our technology for coloring cement products.


Dr. Prakash R. Kota
Dr. Prakash R. Kota
Managing Director & CEO

Mr. D.R. Mallesh
Director & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. K.V. Ramanath
Late Visionary Founder


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